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Another longstanding friend, the Delirium-Mastermind and chef of the ' Federation of Drums' label, Joerg W.Henze, is responsible for the more rude and dynamic pieces like "Blechtrommel" or "Sky High".With his first artist album, Frank didn't want to solely leave his usual trail.The record was determined to be a cross-section through his musical identity, which formed over more than ten years of listening and making music.But the artist's imagination reaches beside the dancefloor: at one point also some more experimental tracks started to surface.And music speaks for itself: created with soul and passion, this is techno for the future, combining clubby dynamics with deeply original sound design.Due to the huge amount of these influences, the record became appropriately rich and many-sided.

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Fresh on the heels of a new app release, How About We has just launched a standalone messaging app for couples that lets two sweeties share multiple types of content and create a story together.There are standard photo, text, and video messages, as well as the ability to send voice memos and your favorite song.Plus, How About We added in some fun extra features like Photobooth, which offers a four-window boardwalk-esque Photobooth experience, Halfsie that takes a Frontback-style photo of you on top and them on the bottom, as well as Secret, which sends a “steamed up” photo which the recipient must wipe clear to see.Machines surely can build something new out of given sources, but cannot improvise. Soul also seems to be a keyword for the creator of these pieces.Jacek Sienkiewicz was born in Warsaw and during the past few years, he was focusing on developing his own style through his Recognition label.

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