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If this WAS so then the pattern soon broke down, and in fact automated crank-winding like the real Rolleiflex didn't arrive on Yashica's TLRs until the "Yashica Mat" series evolved out of its knob-wind predessors. The first "Mat" came out in 1957, when late "'flexes" were still in production.The first "Yashica" - the A - must surely date from rather earlier than this.

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It also looks more like the earlier Pigeonflex in Sugiyama...As you will see, the first camera in this section is the Pigeonflex. So the earliest Pigeonflex shown in Sugiyama dates from around 1953, and it seems probable (although I have no definitive source for this) that Yashima took over manufacture from Shinano and briefly produced the Yashimaflex and a revised Pigeonflex model alongside each other.I could have this wrong - perhaps Yashima originally bought in the Yashimaflex as a rebadged Pigeonflex?The first reads “Expect the Unexpected: The Unprecedented Camera by YASHICA,” and the second states “October 2017, Kickstarter.” So Yashica has a big camera announcement, and the brand is hoping to generate hype and raise enough money through crowdfunding to launch it.With so many different types of cameras on the market now, from a new Polaroid instant camera to Light’s 16-camera camera, Yashica would need to step in a pretty unusual direction for this upcoming camera to actually be “unprecedented.” It wouldn’t be the brand’s first time launching such an innovative product, though.

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