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Occasionally, a group within Meetup may ask for a nominal fee ( and under) to help offset the setup cost, but that varies individually by the group. Yelp also encourages members to invite their friends and makes it easy to "message" friend invites.

Meetup Meetup offers ways for people to find a specific kind of group in their area or allows people to start their own group.

And really, who wants to go through another break-up again anyway?

There are around 1,200 current users and you can only get in if you're living in grunge-music's birthplace and have an i OS device.

A neighbor told detectives she had been dating a man named John.

SEATTLE — A woman who authorities say was slain and dismembered in her suburban home and whose remains were then placed in a Seattle recycling bin was a beloved mother of three as well as a sister and friend, her family says.

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