Wii updating do not turn the power off

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Though the Wii U's only been out for mere days, owners are already reporting problems with bricking their console.This issue's caused by turning off the Wii U during the middle of a massive update—reported 5 GB according to GTTV's Geoff Keighley—required to access all of the Wii U's online content.• May 10, 2006 AM I think the statement "'Off' should mean off" is one of those dogmatic statements that loses meaning when you examine it closely.If "off" always meant off then you couldn't turn your television on with a remote control.There's a serious security problem here, made worse by a bad user interface. Tags: control, gaming consoles, usability, vulnerabilities Posted on May 10, 2006 at AM • 103 Comments • May 10, 2006 AM I'm with you there Bruce - I certainly would not want my games updating when the console is off - it's bad enough updating when the ruddy thing is on.

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• May 10, 2006 AM Somehow, I doubt that Nintendo is looking to deactivate games or some other DRM like trick.So if you recently grabbed up the Wii U, but haven't applied the update just yet, be sure to apply the update when you're absolutely certain you won't shut off the console or lose power to the console.Otherwise, you may just end up with a glorified paperweight.• May 10, 2006 AM 'There's a serious security problem here, made worse by a bad user interface."Off" should mean off.' I assume Ti Vo faced a similar issue, and they decided to have no off button.

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