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on Monday - one day after his sudden death at the weekend.

The 57-year-old sadly passed away on Sunday (October 23) after a "massive cardiac arrest", his management shared on Monday evening.

He needed it for his income, but in addition he was willing, almost desperate, to put himself in front of any sort of camera, and there was a period where he seemed to be on every single celebrity reality TV show imaginable, including one where he selects his new Personal Assistant.

On the other hand, he seemed to loathe celebrity and its emptiness and falsehood. My partner, my husband of nine years, he has a 16-year-old daughter and I get to hear what’s current in passing, through his daughter.

But since then he went further and further down the path of cosmetic surgery, until he was unrecognisable from his former self. One of the things I like about Graham Norton is that he is fearless in tackling any subject, but he disarms his subjects into revealing things by being funny and quirky and camp.

jaw amputation, and I found a surgeon in Italy, a cancer specialist called Giovanni Ferrando, who has now set up an office in London who maintains my face and maintains the damage that still goes on with it.

He says he was forced to sell his music catalogue and lost his Notting Hill home after being unable to work, and was left so disfigured he could not eat normally, could only drink through a straw and did not leave his house for months.

I've been deliberating over writing a post about Pete Burns for quite a while now.

You may know him as the front man of Dead or Alive, and, somewhere along the line, you are sure to have heard their one hit, If you have lived in Britain, you may also know him as an outspoken and sometimes controversial individual, known for his dramatic cosmetic surgery, and for struggling to re-establish his former celebrity on shows such as What fascinated me about Burns is his deliberate changing of appearance.

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