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But people said that her seclusion was my fault and that wasn’t the case." “I didn’t agree with what the [Bible studies] guy was saying, and you can’t live under the same roof [as your partner] if she’s taking talk from someone else." He continues: “Like my father said, ‘I’d rather live on the house top than live in a house of confusion.’ That was it.

I believe that when I’m with a woman, it should be me and her.

“I’ve been told by many angry people who are also her fans that if I hadn’t messed with her, she would not have gone so insane,” he complains in the book.

In conversation, he says this: “If a man is in a relationship with a female and the man leaves the female, and she goes in a relationship with another man and has five children with that guy ...

I want to be in a relationship where we’re both confident about what we have; I love you and you love me too. “My goal is now to have more farms and really turn Jamaica into an organic movement." “Also, I want to be able to help and empower people, so my farmers are able to have shares in the company, so they’re able to be a part of the company they work for.

I got that concept from the teachings of Marcus Garvey.

Her solo career soared when was released nearly twenty years ago, earning her five GRAMMY® Awards and leaving a beautifully indelible mark in music history.

Nas has become a global phenomenon in his own right with eight platinum and multi-platinum albums under his belt, along with a staggering 13 GRAMMY® nominations. Continuing its commitment to bring fans closer to their favorite artists, TIDAL members will have access to a special pre-sale beginning on Thursday, June 1st 2017 at 10 a.m.

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And very often, it was Marley who seemed to cop all the flack.

He won’t quite cop to it in conversation, or in his new memoir, “Purpose,” but with Anthony Bozza, he writes of an explosive affair with Lauryn Hill so combustible that it’s no surprise it burnt down the house. She also had five children with the son of Bob Marley, Rohan.

“I was in the middle and each of them was passionate about me in different ways.” Tough, eh? In 1999, she broke records with “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” as the first woman to win five Grammys in one night.

One story that came out was that I got her assistant pregnant – false.

Then, she [Hill] started doing Bible studies with this guy and she became very secluded from the world because of her studies.

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