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Mulaney has his show; Jenny is on House of Lies and Parks and Recreation and now on her own FX show. The other thing is that the the farther you get into a show, the more I can have the show itself be a selling point.

So I knew Craig Robinson a little bit from just around town, and he was like, “I really like your show.” That was obviously pretty exciting, so when something came up for him, I could just give him a call.

And also was very seriously dating Jaleesa on A Different World — when I was dating her I appeared on a few episodes as Sinbad’s fry cook, working in the cafeteria. There are things you do that you’re really excited about, and sometimes you do things because you’ll have a good time, or a favor, any number of things. If the worst thing that happens is I spend the day doing bits with my friends, then poor me. Brian Donovan and Ed Herro are writers on the show The Neighbors.

Your comedy group from Georgetown University has been mentioned a few times, notably because you and Mulaney and Mike Birbiglia were alums, and Jim Gaffigan came before you guys. Alison Becker I didn’t cross over with in the improv group, but I did a sketch show with her; she’s been on Newsreaders and Parks and Recreation.

She then began pursuing a career in the performing arts, mainly...

Alison Becker joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of the secret celebrity dating app Raya, Alison's affinity for Bon Jovi, and Jordan's upcoming trip to see Smash Mouth in Pasadena.

This season you’ve added moments between sketches where you break character and talk to your co-stars, like Jenny Slate and John Mulaney.

How much has Kroll Show become a showcase for your friends who are also comedians?

In it, Alison plays a woman out to dinner who is in distress, wondering if she left her garage door open.

The second season of Kroll Show on Comedy Central features a bunch of familiar faces.

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