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If you are enjoying the things you are doing, your body language is going to be much more at ease, allowing you to flirt much more comfortably! The more interesting you are, the more interesting people you’ll attract. When you start cooking, your goal is not to create a seven course dinner, it’s to not f*&# it up. If that goes well, then maybe your next goal is “find out where they went to school and fun things to do around there.” It will give you a reachable goal and increase your confidence, allowing you to set larger and larger goals. Basically, it’s a way to gently poke fun at someone. Just be careful on the tone and never, NEVER “neg” a girl. And remember, flirting isn’t over when you “get” the girl!Think about the “Most Interesting Man in the World” Dos Equis commercials. They fell for you because they liked everything about you, including your flirting.This may be accomplished by communicating a sense of playfulness or irony.Double entendres (where one meaning is more formally appropriate, and another more suggestive) may be used.As this is the more innocent of the two major ways to show interest, it can be more widely used in one’s everyday life.You can flirt with an elderly lady at your grandparents’ retirement home, “Oh Gladys, you know I love that cardigan!That’s why mastering the art of online flirting is a necessity in the 21st century.Guys, stay honest, be responsive, show your funny side and remember, a compliment goes a long way.

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Now, when you are speaking with someone your own age that you are interested in, make sure you keep the tone as light and fun as you did talking to Gladys.

If it’s too heavy-handed, it can easily move into the hitting on realm and be misconstrued as coming on too strong. It’s very direct, not too subtle and she know that you have a lust/romantic interest in her. Jim said you were cute, but I didn’t I didn’t realize he was such an understater!

Originally published on Lavalife Flirting 101: What is Flirting & Why Am I Doing it Wrong?

In my teaching, I often get the question, “What is flirting, exactly?

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