Updating gridview in vs 2016

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At this point, it will only show the the initial set Default Value from the Linq Data Source Where Parameters.

If the Modal Popup Extender is commented out, the example will work just fine. Using modal Popup Extender with Grid View and Details View I have a problem using the modal Popup Extender. I fill my gridview with data using the detailsview.

This panel should be opened by the New Button (insert mode) or selecting a register in the Grid View (edit mode). Something like this: Grid View Details View 2 Linq Data Source Here is a very simple example that has a Grid View, Details View, and two Linq Data Sources, both of which point to the Northwind Products table.

This works great until a Modal Popup Extender is added to display the Details View.

We will also enable paging navigation at the bottom of the product listing (and do all of the paging operations in the database - so that only 6 products at a time are retrieved from the database).

The HTML markup output from the server will be 100% CSS based (no tables or inline styles).

In this lesson we learn about the concept of data binding, how to bind a special Grid and List control (the Grid View and List View, respectively) to display the data in a tabular or list fashion.

We'll also learn about creating data templates that define the layout for each instance of the class we're binding to.

The List View control supports the data editing, insertion, deleting, paging and sorting semantics of higher-level controls like the Grid View.If you could please share your thoughts, I would be greatly appreciative.A couple of days ago I mentioned a project that I’ve been working on that is a bit out of the ordinary as far as Grid Views go.Now we move on to learn about working with data in our apps.What can we do when we want to work with collections of data and display that data to a user?

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