Updating fields in access

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A Variant that represents a single value, or a Variant array that represents values for the field or fields in the new record.Use the Update method to save any changes you make to the current record of a Recordset object since calling the Add New method or since changing any field values in an existing record. To set field values, do one of the following: The Update method finalizes additions, deletions, and updates to fields in the Fields collection of a Record object.

The modification takes place immediately so that you can come back and verify.In general data may be updatable, updatable under certain conditions, or not updatable at all.Please read the Microsoft KB article link provided at the conclusion of this tutorial. One is a list of our web pages, and the other is a list of topics for our website.This database was cobbled together over a number of years, and it started off serving a totally different purpose than it serves now. [web page table]page_id (autonumber)page_topic (text)... [topics table]topic_id (autonumber)topic_name (text)... Right now, the tables are joined by the two text columns (page_topic = topic_name) which is not ideal.

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