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method, which returns a list of potential reference targets in a document.Because Word continually updates and indexes this list, accessing it is very fast. Add _ Name:=s Bookmark Name, _ Range:=rng Get Or Set XRef Bookmark = s Bookmark Name End Function This hack wouldn't be much of a time-saver if you had to go through a menu to run it.Automatic numbering also ensures that figure and table numbers can be updated automatically whenever a table or figure is inserted or deleted, or the order is rearranged.

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This code is divided into five separate procedures: the , is shown first. Move Start While cset:=(Chr$(32) & Chr$(13)), Count:=sel. I can't believe that there's no option for this, and I don't even see how to get that kind of bookmark/cross reference manually (without VBA). Note: when I do a to the range before I bookmark it (and set that style back afterwards), then cross references will keep their style even after updating the field (so far so good), unless (sic!) they don't have a style, then they will adopt the changed style of the bookmark - if the bookmark is in plain text, this isn't a problem, but if it is in - say - a table with italic words, I'll adopt this italic format for all cross references that don't have a style yet. You can see the field code by toggling the view using Alt F9.Therefore the decision to use customised labels should be taken on the workgroup level and well communicated to everyone involved.Caption numbers are fields that update automatically.

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