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It is a common task to increment or decrement a column in a database table. You can use update Counters() to update one or multiple counter columns.

For example, Note: If you use yii\db\Active Record::save() to update a counter column, you may end up with inaccurate result, because it is likely the same counter is being saved by multiple requests which read and write the same counter value.

When you call save(), by default it will call validate() automatically.

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When you return data in Active Record instances, column values will be automatically typecast according to the actual column types; on the other hand when you return data in arrays, column values will be strings (since they are the result of PDO without any processing), regardless their actual column types.You can call yii\db\Active Record::get Dirty Attributes() to get the attributes that are currently dirty.You can also call yii\db\Active Record::mark Attribute Dirty() to explicitly mark an attribute as dirty.operator, calling save() will cause insertion of a new row; If the instance is the result of a query method, calling save() will update the row associated with the instance.You can differentiate the two states of an Active Record instance by checking its is New Record property value.

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