Updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping

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There are solutions for practically EVERY GIS problem.

Free integration with R stats (Geospatial Modelling Environment), Marine Tools add-on, Net CDF interoperability, ET Geo Wizards, Arc GIS Patch Analyst,…With Esri’s latest addition for an app store of their own – Arc GIS Marketplace, even more plugins will be rolling out like clockwork.

We all know you can engineer specialized analyses with plugins.

QGIS has boatloads of plugins to solve everyday GIS problems. But what you may not have known is that Arc GIS has plugins too.

A ‘Unknown Spatial Reference’ means there’s a datum conflict.

In this case, ‘unknown units’ will appear in the bottom right corner of Arc Map and you should use the Define Projection tool.

A generic search for “environment” returns over 2887 GIS datasets. USDA Wildfires, NOAA Damaging Winds, World Climate Total Annual Precipitation, Ocean Bathymetry Basemap. But your license level determines which tools you can use in Arc GIS.

This would make any environmental researcher squeal in delight. A basic license still gives you access to a large number of powerful tools.

It helps you analyze and make even more powerful and knowledgeable decisions. Arc GIS is the villain forcing you to connect to your license. Now this part is important: There are no license levels in QGIS.

We navigate you through the differences between Arc GIS and QGIS because you’ll be more efficient and more advanced of a GIS user.. (Because setting custom delimiters in QGIS is even better than Microsoft Office.) Instead of poring over piles of conflicting and confusing GIS formats, simply consume it with QGIS. These applications help many manage their raster, vector and GIS data. Both QGIS Browser and Arc Catalog help to easily navigate in your filesystem and manage geodata…

It’s a head-to-head GIS software showdown with the star-studded lineup in the GIS industry – Arc GIS vs QGIS.. Arc GIS has broken more hearts than anyone for consuming data. You never realized how powerful the Arc GIS “Add Data” could be, did you? They give basic preview functions but the focus is on data access and organization. The edge goes to Arc Catalog because of its options. In QGIS, you can join tables with the layer properties. The first data set you add to Arc Map determines your coordinate system.

The separate buttons in QGIS (add vector, add raster, and Post GIS, add Spatial Lite, etc) is tolerable but adds confusion.

This means the layer will match the initial layer and data frame’s coordinate system.

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