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*Members can save on Lenovo products through the CPA Member Savings Program.I’m planning to do an around-the-world trip, stepping on all continents (including Antarctica), while working-on-the-road, (as a yoga teacher, massage therapist, TEFL teacher and Professional Travel Blogger) before I turn 30.Woot, thanks to the USA tourist visa I was able to enter without any hassle!

Please note – you can only go on VOA twice in a year, and you have to pre-apply online!

So here are my visa experiences towards my main goal of finishing an around-the-world trip before turning 30, funding it by working-on-the-road.

I’ve been to over 70 countries around the world as we tend to stay in a place for a little bit longer during this three-year journey. #dreamsdocometrue December 2017 Update – I finally accomplished my goal of visiting 100 countries in all 7 continents including Antarctica! We just bought a sailboat and starting in 2018, we will be sailing full-time.. Traveling in Asia and South East Asia is awesome for Filipinos since we’re part of the ASEAN.

I highly suggest that you apply online to avoid the long queues due to the increasing numbers of tourists in this beautiful country.

Related Article: Best Hostels in Armenia The visa rules in Azerbaijan are quite different compared to the other 2 Caucasus countries (Armenia and Georgia), there are two options on getting the visa – from the Embassy or from the accredited inbound tourist agency!

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