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Make sure that donors never cut to close to a vein, to avoid lethal amounts of bleeding when getting blood.The only real substitute for human blood is animals blood.Just because the Red cross does it, doesn't make it morally right.

No matter what kind of blood, always tastes better warm than cold, so if it’s cold pop it in the microwave for about 5 seconds.If desired the fruit can be removed, leaving broth to serve with noodle.If you do not know where to purchase a duck, contact a local farmer or butcher. In a medium bowl, beat flour and sugar into cream until smooth. Add 1/2 cup hot soup stock to blood mixture, blending thoroughly.Overly processed ones won't work at all, home made should work as well. The legends are true; comparing this blood to any other kind of human blood is like comparing sirloin steak to hamburger.This is its own category, if you’re lucky enough to find a willing donor that is of legal age of consent.

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