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Basically you can synchronize and send: one to one(1:1), one to many(1:*), many to one(*:1) and many to many(*:*) attacks. Creating operations, where first nuke land at 100ms, second nuke at 120ms, third nuke at 140ms, fourth nuke at 160ms, first noble at 200ms, second noble at 220ms, third noble at 240ms and fourth noble at 260ms, is very easy.20ms timespan can be lowered to 0ms for nukes and nobles, but timespan between last nuke and first noble should be at least 10ms - for safety purposes.All are synchronized to land between 100ms and 300ms. This is the proof of perfectly synchronized 3 nukes and 4 nobles from 4 different villages. Once you set target count of specified unit, bot will recruit until that amount is reached.All hit many oponent villages and are sent from many of your villages. First attack land at 91ms and the last one at 130ms. This feature is very helpful when you send troops as support and some of them die.Interactive map helps you to control farmed villages, creating attacks or selecting all villages of player/s. Village menu under right mouse click behaves the same like menu on the normal tribal wars map.You can look into village details by double click on village.In the future, more functions like "detection of village owner change(village was nobled) in 30 range from my villages" will be added.In this case you will be able to very fast village re-noble.

Features are being added all the time so you can check home page for the latest release informations.Along with ratio, you should also remember about maximal queue time, which is configurable too. I didn't forget about gold coins minting and resources storing.For that you should only specify amount of resources above which gold coins will be minted or resources will be stored.Synchronization of multiple attacks is very powerful.You can synchronize many attacks from many of your villages to other village or villages.

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