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If you’re not familiar with the series, season one represented a revolution in its portrayal of trans masculine narratives.

From hormone replacement therapy to queer sexuality, trans director Emmett Lundberg’s project has impacted many already, including younger trans folk.

Recently, the series was covered in "Internet Lesbian and Gay TV Series, 1996-2014" with an entry stating, "The program is written and directed by a transgender filmmaker and incorporates transgender actors, making it not only a first for the Internet, but something that has never been done on broadcast or cable television." There’s no doubt season two will dig deeper than the first!

The project always needs support, so check out it’s Kickstarter after binge watching the first season.

Found this on Netflix 4 years after it's airdate.

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Over inflated lips, exaggerated surgical feminization of the face/body, hyper-sexualization ond encouraged objectification of her body (The outfits she wears, everything from a harem bikini to full on corset and stockings with her bottom hanging out as she performs cabaret!

Do you think a lot of that is down to having such an accepting family? If it weren’t for the fact that my mum and dad are so accepting and my sister and my aunts are, I don’t think I would be as confident as I am. When I’m in a social situation I try to put myself out of my comfort zone, so I can become a bit more confident and it does help.

Pink News: Do you think there is enough representation of trans men on TV and if not, how do you think this could be improved?

Nick, who is pansexual, had previously only dated women, but went on the show open to dating men.

The two hit it off, bonding over being geeks and the difficult time they had in school.

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