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It’s difficult to eat healthily when you are poor There is no time to cook when you’re working. Requirements for the best interview/ famous journalist Famous women of all times My dream job Interesting translation My favourite movie 11-3, 11-4 հանրակրթություն Headway. Reading Reading be ready for discussion,related ex-es Essay writing.

Listening: 1.3-1.10 How well do you know phrasal verbs ,2 Hometask. Working out meaning from context New File page 4-7 Listen and answer the questions Eating Don’t rely on others to improve your own eating habits. Render the text English 3 text 3 Guess “who” /my appearance and personality./ choleric, phlegmatic, hard-working, adventurous,trustworthy,broad-shouldered, sweet-tempered, skinny,stocky, confident, dark-haired, moody,easy-going,plump, reliable, reserved,sociable,selfish,caring,romantic,fun-loving, inventive, creative,bossy,well-built,talkative,long-legged, optimistic,chatty,hesitative,impatient, Idioms on colours Listening Great and creative year to all How well do you know phrasal verbs ,2 . Reading eslfas.com, Interesting topics , and facts ընտր. Grammar check Reading 20 Writing Extreme sports help to build character. − make an introduction (state the problem) − express your personal opinion and give 2–3 reasons for your opinion − express an opposing opinion and give 1–2 reasons for this opposing opinion − explain why you don’t agree with the opposing opinion − make a conclusion restating your position English 2015 Test 2 tasks Reading Projects 11-4, 11-3 հանրակրթ. Thinking point/ don’t forget to write about this topic/ Classroom activities.

What were you doing at 2 o’clock yesterday 11-3 հանրակրթ. slide 106 Narrative telling The farmers and his sons Listening 3.1, 3,4 . 11 ընտր Listening General knowledge quiz, Destination B 2 pages 34-35 Hometask for the 29th of October 11-3 հանրակրթ. Present Perfect Continuous Destination B 1 p 20-21 BCD . Present simple Vs present Continuous Destination B1 page 24 Learning and doing vocabulary, make up sentences Present Perfect , 1 Present Perfect Continuous . Classroom activities Discussion of the books read during autumn holidays. Word and phrases Sports & Games Online test Past Simple vs Present Perfect Present simple Vs present Continuous Autumn reading Dear students choose one of these short stories and read, then write your comments in your blogs.

22 Telling tales, ex 2 / կարդացեք տեքստը 23 էջի և լրացրեք 2-րդ վարժության համապատասխան բառերով Make up 10 sentences using past simple and past continuous What did you yesterday?

…Yesterday I did a test to see which job is the most appropriate for me. But it would be absolutely impossible because I am afraid of blood……What future career would you like to have, why? In what way will English be useful for your career? When I grow up I want to travel a lot, and I want my job to be related with travelling.

Dear Ben, Thanks for your last letter, and sorry I couldn’t answer you earlier. I’m very communicative and like to meet new people, so being an international journalist would be perfect for me.

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