Steryotypes in a dating relationship

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Or at least I’m not, and I’ll bet you guys aren’t either, not really.In fact, I think it’s probably the sexiest thing about my love. Bethany is crazy smart, not just in an intellectual sense, but in a witchy, how-can-you-be-so-right kind of way.Can you guess how long it took me to convince her of that? And she’s one of those adamant I’ll-do-it-myself types whose natural response to a problem is “get out of the way, I got this.” She’s had two previous relationships end because she isn’t comfortable being dependent, financially or otherwise, on a partner — one guy even told her she was perfect, except for being independent.

There have been many more little hurdles in our learning to love, trust, and relax into this amazing life of love.

If you had asked either one of us we would have said that we didn’t buy into stereotypes, especially the kind of assumptions people make based on gender.

Neither of us believe that men shouldn’t show their emotion, or that women can’t control theirs.

Neither of us buy into the idea that men are at the mercy of their carnal urges while women either don’t have them or can maintain a cool head in spite of them.

And certainly, neither of us believe that a woman has never yelled at a man while he was sweeping the floor or doing the dishes.

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