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I’ve been studying Russian on and off for the past couple years, but intensively for the past 7 months.I’m at the cusp of being conversational (my Russian teacher says I’m at level B1).This 13-page document is a trip down memory lane that spans the past nine years, starting in 2005 with my trip to Venezuela and ending in 2014 with my stay in Russia.I share brief remarks on every city I’ve been to in 26 countries (except Spain and Italy, which were more like sightseeing trips).

Depending on their experiences in life, I feel that people will be either in awe or disgusted upon reading through the tremendous analytic process that deals with Roosh’s skill at game, his overall strategy in selecting cities and countries, and of course his overall evaluation of the spoils he reaps there.

W gronie 10 zwycizcw drugiego etapu w wojewdztwie pomorskim znalaza si Basia Tomczak z kl. Po powitaniu zebranych finalistw przez wadze uczelni i Komitet Gwny Olimpiady, odby si test z wiedzy o mediach.

Po lunchu zostao zorganizowane spotkanie z dziennikarzem TVN 24 Bogdanem Rymanowskim, gospodarzem programu Kawa na aw oraz porannego Jeden na jeden.

Yet to get either all teary-eyed or angry at this book is to miss the point.

The point of the book is honesty – no more, no less.

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