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She graciously submitted to five different interviews and invited me to her home in Los Angeles.When I arrived, she opened the treasure house, answered all my questions, let me rummage through all the flies and made me lunch."I like to encourage my reporters in their interests, even when I don't understand them," Walker said in granting the permission, and that seemed pretty darned enlightened to me.Blake Morrison made suggestions on the rough draft and set me up with his agent.My friends Kent Anderson, Jim Schoessler and Karl Vick, all read drafts and commented freely, some of which I took to heart.

Joe Soucheray was probably the only one who read the Pioneer Press piece buried in the Saturday edition two days after the Fourth of July, but he approached me in the newsroom the following Monday and said, "There's your book." He was right.That was the case in 1992 when I contacted the German Embassy and learned only immediate family could ask for the Stasi flies from the former German Democratic Republic.I requested the forms, Gayle translated them and Dean Reed's mother filled them out.Acknowledgments This book could not have been written without the help of two talented and extraordinarily generous women.Gayle Carlson was a young German teacher when I slid into her classroom at Alexander Ramsey High School in 1972, and although we both left that school, I would periodically contact her when I needed help with all things German.

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