Soap stars dating

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Whilst this all sounds a little awkward, the couple were completely professional about the events happening on screen and are fortunately still together.

When asked about the story-line, Amanda said: After being on Neighbours for four years, things at work got a whole lot more exciting for Chris as Jenna joined the show, playing Amber in 2012.

Jeff admitted in an interview: This time it’s Hollyoaks turn to produce a soapstar power-couple!

Sienne and Lockie would never be a couple if it was down to their on-screen personalities, but away from the Hollyoak’s set, Nick and Anna look pretty good together.

The couple kept their relationship on the quiet for a while but Ariel ended up admitting that: “I love him more every day. I am very regimented and organised and Harley is pretty much the most laid-back person in the world.

Chris and Lesley’s characters actually got together on scene in 2012 but the couple expressed their awkwardness about dating in character whilst they were a real life couple.

Lesley revealed: “I didn’t like it when Brenda and Pollard were an item and we had to do kissing scenes in front of everybody. ’ So I don’t think I’d ever want Brenda and Pollard to get back together again – it’s bad enough living with him in real life!

I made him a little bit more on time and he relaxed me.” Unfortunately after they both left the soap, the couple also split up based on a mutual decision and they are reportedly still good friends.

Charley Webb joined Emmerdale in 2002 when she was only fourteen.

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