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For beginners we recommend the lessons, Amatsu's Tuesday session on Google Plus, and the Friday session in Kitely.

If you have any questions, please ask on the forum.

My biggest aspiration in life is to accomplish my goals and enjoy life to its fullest.

Thanks to our lovely sponsors, the Network runs regular Skype sessions for LEN community and LEN forum members.

If you want to speak type "mic" in the chat window and if it's appropriate the moderator will call you to take the microphone.Skype - On Fridays (TGIF) - We meet up on Skype and you are invited to come along to relax and just chat about anything and everything.This is the best session for people new to Skype and the Network, as we can try to answer any questions you may have.Sometimes we discuss the week's sessions and this gives everyone the chance to speak English freely.Common topics of conversation are: introductions, current events, food, books, movies, sports, hobbies, art, music, education, family, holidays, travel, and the weather (Lynne is British after all).

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