Single parents dating in calgary

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Well let me tell ya guys...things did not improve too much.Time after time, I came face to face with soulless, uninspiring and robotic women.This woman, who from her profile seemed intelligent and down-to-earth kind of girl, viewed our interaction as a job interview, explaining that like in job interviews our ultimate goal is to sell ourselves, and that’s what I should be doing.What she was implying was that she was the prize and that I had to convince her that I was good for her.So that took out about 70% of "fish" swimming around in those dirty waters.That left me with the unattractive, dopey, and mean, stuck up bitches.In their minds, being brusque was sexy, and being overly distant and unattainable was supposed to drive men wild and crazy. A classy, elegant woman that supports her man on the street and rocks his world between the sheets.

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One of the main reasons for my neglect of this site was my work and business, but I was also busy taking care of my social and 'love' life.At the end of the meeting, she expressed her desire to "do this again".Needless to say, after that "date" was over, I literally ran back to my car.After meeting so may single women in Calgary, it was beginning to dawn on me that what I was experiencing was the walking and talking brands represented by thousands of hours that were spent by marketing and advertising companies.I was stuck in the middle of a demographic that had been brain-washed by books like "The Rules" and all those trashy magazines that teach women 'How to Make Him Eat Out of the Palm of Your Hand'.

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