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One of the witnesses said that the lights were travelling at the speed of a slow plane and added: "We were assuming it was military aircraft using different lights until it dawned upon us both there was no noise at all and it was a still night with little cloud.

"If they can halve their travel costs by coming together and sharing, then it's definitely worth it." to a UFO research site the sighting of "a group of around 9-10 round orange lights with a further one following slightly behind" passing through the night sky over Farncombe.

In 1901 the wealthy chairman of the Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast, where the Titanic was built, placed an order with Rolls Royce to build a car to his specifications.

The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford also provides their facilities to the team to train in building search techniques.

I think the first name is Elsa or Elsie, and the second name is Louise.

Quite a Bond clan gathered up there then; I hope their ghosts can give Daniel a bit of help when Javier’s chasing him round the graves.'She also noted stones dedicated to Thomas Grenfell, Ghillie to the Estate of Skyfall, Alison Mary Birral Milne and her infant daughter Kirsty though it's not clear who these people are and what their relevance is to the Bond story.

“The public is worried about what’s going to happen,” Adam said.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding healthcare changes, Adam and Rory do not see their roles altering rapidly but welcome the opportunity to learn new skills.

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Lord Pirrie, who had a home at Witley Park in Godalming, had the Rolls Royce Titanic Ghost built for the City of Belfast, where he was also the Mayor, to be used for ceremonial use.

"We're looking to create a 'green travel plan', and while it is very much in its infancy at the moment, the aim is that staff will be able to use it to help them get to work in a more green way," said Liam Mooney, a retail manager.

Two teenage girls are helping the police with their enquiries. And Godalming Waitrose launched a car-sharing scheme for staff in 2011.

The annual courses run by the Police National Search Centre put officers through their paces using a combined team of police and army instructors.

It also has to be insured and will use expensive fuel." near Brook for search exercises as part of the force's ongoing training in counter terrorism.

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