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SAXParse Exception; public class Set Schema101 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- % java -showversion tests.Therefore, if we use the set Validating method to control both (1) whether a parser would behave as a non-validating one or a validating one, and (2) validation of the parsed infoset by the Schema object at the same time, then it makes impossible to configure the parsing in a certain way.When the text changes the text Changed() signal is emitted; when the text changes other than by calling set Text() the text Edited() signal is emitted; when the cursor is moved the cursor Position Changed() signal is emitted; and when the Return or Enter key is pressed the return Pressed() signal is emitted.Note that Custom is really only designed for complex validation scenarios. I believe this inconsistency in using schema provided thru the attribute or by Schema object will confuse users and so it needs to be resolved. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ java -showversion tests. Schema Source java version "1.5.0-beta" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0-beta-b30) Java Hot Spot(TM) Server VM (build 1.5.0-beta-b30, mixed mode) -------- set Validating(false) set Schema==(true) put DTD==(true) ---- -- parse() returns [#document: null] -------- set Validating(true) set Schema==(true) put DTD==(true) ---- -- parse() returns [#document: null] -------- set Validating(true) set Schema==(false) put DTD==(true) ---- Error Handler error: sax. Actually when a schema is provided with the attribute " Source" the set Validating(true) forces validation against this schema and the DTD isn't required or is ignored (please see log below and the source attached).DDSSettings)unmarshaller.unmarshal(new File(xmlfile Name)); For XML Schema, this method creates a Schema object that performs validation by using location hints specified in documents.The returned Schema object assumes that if documents refer to the same URL in the schema location hints, they will always resolve to the same schema document.

I have managed to use a Validation Event Collector to handle events, which works for XML parsing errors such as mismatched tags but doesn't raise any events when there is a tag that is required but is completely absent.

The text is retrieved with text(); the displayed text (which may be different, see Echo Mode) is retrieved with display Text().

Text can be selected with set Selection() or select All(), and the selection can be cut(), copy()ied and paste()d.

Parser Configuration Exception; import -- parse() returns [#document: null] -------- set Validating(true) set Schema==(true) put DTD==(false) ---- -- parse() returns [#document: null] -------- set Validating(true) set Schema==(false) put DTD==(false) ---- Error Handler error: sax.

SAXParse Exception: Document root element "test101", must match DOCTYPE root "elem". SAXParse Exception: Element type "test101" must be declared.

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