Scott walker consolidating power

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We also present positive, free market solutions for issues that are important to you -- solutions for better schools, better roads, lower taxes, and smaller government. C., discusses a very important case recently won by the firm before the Virginia Supreme Court. can a Member of the European Parliament tell us about nationalized health care?

This page contains audio archives of the show, which broadcasts on select radio stations in Virginia every weekend. In the past, if the Virginia Department of Transportation made an offer for a Virginia citizen’s property, and then months later made a totally different offer only days before the case went to court, the first offer was prohibited from being admitted into evidence. Ken Cuccinelli says Virginia law trumps public college and university diktats.

Gun rights advocates also had several successes in the 2016 legislative session although Gov. 2 Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, discusses her recently released book, . Furchgott-Roth details how the federal government seems to be going out of its way to harm young people, including those trying to enter the workforce for the first time. Is Virginia all of a sudden turning Wild West on us?

Mc Auliffe seems to be a bit happy with the veto pen. Recent college graduates are put in the unenviable position of attempting to make payments on truly ridiculous college loans, while their government makes it more difficult to find work by increasing the minimum wage, restricting corporate internships, requiring licensure to enter some professions, etc., etc., etc. 2 Full Program Congressman Dave Brat discusses the travails of being a free-market conservative in Congress, and how you may not be favorably received by many inside the Beltway, both Republicans and Democrats, if you understand economics and believe in ethics. Philip Van Cleave, president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League, joins us to discuss the outlook for the Second Amendment in the General Assembly.

This “no we can’t till whites let us” mentality has even been brought up by celebrities (and we all know how in touch they seem to be). 2 John Moody, executive director of the Food-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, discusses the Wyoming Food Freedom Act which makes Wyoming the first state in the nation to pass legislation protecting private commerce for food. Adam Schaeffer, of Cato's Center for Educational Freedom, gives us the pros and the cons.

One pop star recently rejected Hillary Clinton saying she feels like Clinton talks to blacks as if they are “pets or children,” which strangely sounds like a description of Johnson’s Great Society program. Riley further discusses the incredibly precarious position that America finds itself as we approach an election that will likely determine the future of Liberty in the United States. 2 Full Program Jeremy Hopkins, attorney at law and a partner with the Norfolk, Virginia-based law firm Waldo & Lyle, P. John also updates us on the food sovereignty movement in Maine that today includes 30 cities/townships/counties, and the animal abuse cases being brought against farmers by “animal rights” groups antagonistic to both capitalism and property rights. Date: March 6, 2010 Congressman Randy Forbes (4th District) gives an update on health care reform, proposes that TARP monies be used to lower the national debt, wants to prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving Social Security, and advises that we tie congressional pay to government spending.

Even more spectacular, Delegate Bell reports that if they happen to be re-entered into attendance in Virginia’s penal system for some violation of probation, they (currently) retain their rights to vote and sit on a jury. Is a follow-up bestseller on Virginia’s Governor Terry Mc Auliffe in the works? Why did the Republicans vote for a "pro-choice" license plate?

Is anyone else picturing a jury of our “peers” having to be kept under armed guard by prison wards? John Daniel Davidson, senior correspondent for the Federalist, describes the surprising turn from the free-market in Austin, TX as they recently pushed ridesharing wonder-companies Uber and Lyft from the city’s marketplace. Why did a bill which would require voters to show identification at the polls get shot down?

Who is the Governor truly representing: the special interests who support him politically or the inner city children of limited means who are still trapped in a subpar public school system? Never before in our history has the federal government forced citizens to purchase a product just by virtue of being citizens.

A question for our listeners: what is “gun control” if you remove the gun? One to rescue poor kids from failing public schools?

, talks about the legal definitions of “militia” and “assault weapon”, recent court battles in Maryland and Virginia that may end up before the Supreme Court, and the importance of fighting Senate ratification of the UN small arms treaty. Another to re-open Virginia’s rest stops at a much cheaper cost than before? The co-chairmen of the Virginia Conservative Caucus of the Virginia General Assembly, Sen. Ben Cline, join us to review some of the bills they have before the General Assembly to reduce government, reduce taxes, reduce regulations, and increase freedom.

There are two rules to the race debate in today’s America, and black parents should be more worried than anyone else. He gives examples from his own country and discusses the reasons why Americans shouldn't go down this path.

Rule 1: If anything goes wrong, white racism is to blame; and Rule 2: Free speech should only apply to those who believe and abide by Rule 1. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says the law is his main concern in regards to public college and university anti-discrimination policies, and that his decision to remind administrators on college campuses that it is the legislature that sets these policies, not them, is consistent with former AG's. Mc Donnell's push for charter school changes has passed.

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