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Even for those not indulging in retrograde Orientalist fantasies about submissive Asian housewives, it’s all too easy for them to not respect their Thai partner as a true equal.

She said of Western men: “People from Western society tend to be more respectful towards one another than towards Asians.

(Calder 1966, 48) 17 June: Calder graduates from Stevens with a degree in mechanical engineering.

Thirteen/WNET and Florentine Films/Roger Sherman Pictures, New York.

Produced and directed by Roger Sherman; written by Thomas Mc Namee; narrated by Tovan Feldshuh, music by Teese Gohl.

So I sent them another dollar and told them, “Look again.” They corroborated the first statement., in Philadelphia.

(Calder 1966, 13) Spring: Stirling Calder contracts tuberculosis.

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