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Parking is really only a problem it you are daytime visitor, otherwise in the evenings there is abundant parking.

The ladies at Brass are very good at what they do, all in all it is a must see place! Copious parking available, and it's free in the evenings and weekends which suits my visiting schedule. Staff: They were all gracious in keeping me company and answering any questions I had. Many of the hostesses have Twitter accounts and actively use them.

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You would drive in front of this place and never, I mean NEVER, know it was there which for me is a BIG plus. Here are the guidelines, respect them and have fun. I had a single bed, small sofa, small sink and a nice size shower which was in perfect working condition! I've been there once and I'm planning my second visit for my first duo massage! An Alpha Dog's choices shine regarding the careful selection of materials and utilities geared towards quality and the long-term vision of the club.

So I started messaging them via Twitter and requested a special Xmas gift for myself but I had questions first I wanted answered and they answered all of them. Lighting was dimmable and the music was just loud enough as a background mood setter. For example, copper pipes and two huge hot water tanks with a constant pressure system should ensure non-stop, high-pressure hot water for all eight showers running continuously and he stopped this experiment after two hours because it would be pointless to continue.

We have changed that, and spared no expense in doing it! If you did not know the location you would never be able to find it, it is discreet.

We are very proud to introduce Ottawa's first truly upscale private members only club. The club itself is very well maintained, and the bar is well stocked, and they have a great cup of coffee as well.

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Canadians are known to be very friendly and welcoming people. This large free x Hamster Cuckold Tube will become the ray of arousing light that will wake your libido and make you feel alive!Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!My favorite of all is the brass room with a King size bed and very large shower. If you ever have any questions they have a chat feature on their website and it is always (during business hours) monitored. The club is newly retrofitted, luxurious facilities is always impeccably clean, comfortable and especially conducive to the privacy and discretion of our members.They are quick and direct with answers to any and all questions. Our building has a private lobby and a private elevator that leads directly to the entire top floor of the facilities.

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