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Ladislav would be better qualified to compile such a list.But yeah, in my experience and from what I've heard, the easiest places are Philippines, Thailand, South America, and of course Africa.That's what gives me such confidence, which in turn makes me feel like I have "power" which is addicting and lets me put up with the bad air and food here, the power to choose from many girls and the fact that many girls want me, gives me a sense of power as well.If any of you are here in person, I could gladly show you what I mean in person.Maybe you could also categorize them by the race of the expat.Good places for Asian Americans to get laid overseas. You could post this list on your main page and we could discuss it in the forum here.I don't want to put in all the effort to get fluent in a foreign language only to understand that the locals are saying, "Go home, American."I think it also depends on the "method" of meeting women.In East Asian countries they have international friendship web sites where locals (usually women) want to meet foreigners (usually men) to socialize and practice English.

The Czech Republic would definitely be on the list of "difficult" countries. After encountering some new members who seemed to think that you had some magical keys to scoring in foreign country and who were disappointed when they found out that you didn't, it might be better if you are more straightforward about this on your site." and then I gauge the next move based on her reaction.There are several possible reactions she could give, ranging from flattery, interest, to polite rejection, etc.Many of the girls there are open to dating foreign men, some prefer foreign men to locals and have a pretty skewed idea of what's handsome.If you're a Caucasian, dating women from those sites is like shooting ducks in a barrel.

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