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In her controversial book Save the Males: Why Men Matter, Why Women Should Care published earlier this year, American columnist Kathleen Parker decried the fact that men were suffering a crisis of identity as a result of the conflicting and often confusing messages the receive from women and society, which very often make men feel irrelevant."We want them to be providers and protectors – except when we don't," she writes.Women, on the other hand, crave the three Cs: to be Cherished, Complimented and Communicated with.To get our relationships back on track, we women must try to rein in our control-freakery and rediscover our femininity, which will (theoretically) reawaken our partner's dormant masculinity.

According to Kaye, men grow in confidence – and manliness – when they receive the three As: Appreciation, Acknowledgement and Adoration."It was like they were broking a work deal rather than looking for love.By and large they came across as a bunch of shopping-obsessed hyenas and it was a complete turn-off."Many of us are so focused, decisive and assertive, that the only role left for our husbands is one where they comply and let us take charge – traditionally feminine traits.But the irony is, we don't actually want men like that, and we end up eventually resenting them for not being more dominant and fearless." Where once men's clearly defined role was simply to hunt and gather, they are now faced with women who do exactly the same in their careers, and who, once they get back from the office, demand total equality at home.

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