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This makes the book a fun, humorous, light-hearted read with little required from the reader.

But at the same time, while Wollie is the heroine and the protagonist, for a large section of the novel, she’s following Joey around, or trying to locate Joey as she surfaces at AA meetings throughout Southern California. calls Wollie and starts talking about a murder and asking for aluminum foil.

As the murder investigation continues, Wollie juggles the demands of with her desire to help and protect Joey.

Hounded by paparazzi, Joey’s life is further complicated by her ongoing marital dispute with her husband, Elliott—a man who “made and lost small fortunes three times in two decades” and whose face “suggested hard playing and late nights.” Wollie is an extremely likeable heroine and an easy-going character.

s I was finishing up the fourth Wollie Shelley novel, A Date You Can't Refuse, my publisher, Doubleday, was restructuring.

Most of the Doubleday staff was dispersed, and my own editor ended up at Simon & Schuster.

After reading Dating Dead Men I do agree that there are a lot of similarities in their writing styles and that Kozak, with a little fine tuning, is on the right track to follow in Evanovich's footsteps.

Wollie comes to Joey’s aid, and she soon finds herself embroiled in the world of temperamental soap opera egos. Wollie, who is basically homeless and jobless, can’t turn down the offer.The novel also blends threads of The Iliad into the action, and a clever connection exists between Greek tragedy and soap opera high drama. When Wollie drives in the middle of the night to bring him his aluminum foil she finds a dead body in the driveway to the hospital and once inside is taken hostage by a man dressed like a doctor who is on the run from the Mob.The book is primarily a mystery, but there’s a heavy thread of romance in the form of Simon. The majority of the novel focuses on this third storyline with the first two taking the back burner.At 19, having already performed in 30 plays, she went to New York's Lower East Side and was accepted into the professional acting training program at NYU's School of the Arts.After two years on the soap opera Guiding Light, she moved to Los Angeles to appear on Santa Barbara where she met her end, being crushed to death by a giant letter "C." Kozak has appeared in more than a dozen television shows and feature films, including When Harry Met Sally as Billy Crystal's ex-wife, Parenthood, The Favor, and Arachnophobia.

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