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In the ads Schumer and Rogen go around the country telling the masses the one thing America can agree on is reduced-calorie beer.It almost seems like an Inside Amy Schumer spot mocking the sale of light beer.While war elephants have commonly been used historically, it is unclear how Hannibal obtained this enormous pack elephants.During Hannibal’s time, there were only two species of elephants in existence – Asian and African.Based on the feet, this is a much smaller Sphinx than the famous one in Egypt.Archaeologists estimate it weighs maybe a half-ton and stands just a yard high. There's an additional mystery, too: how the Sphinx got to Israel in the first place.In a quest to join up with anti-Roman allies, Hannibal led 100,000 troops and 40 elephants on a treacherous journey through the Alps .

This is quite a distance from Asia, and from the area south of the Sahara where African elephants are found.But a new one was found recently, except we've so far been only been able to locate a small part of it. As CNN reported in 2013, archaeologists in Israel discovered the legs of a 4,000-year-old Sphinx.It appears to be tied to King Mycerinus, but according to Amnon Ben-Tor, head of the excavation, it was long ago broken up and its pieces scattered. In Egyptian tradition, once a ruler fell, so did their statues.The creature runs through the stadium only to find a massive line at the bathroom.A toe fungus medication advertisement was one of the oddest of the night.

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