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A secret credit card can mask the secret expenses of a sex addict.

Maybe the addict amasses thousands of dollars in charges to cover pricey hotel rendezvous with high-dollar escorts – and to hide these deceitful expenses from a spouse.

This behavior can push the addict toward considerable debt, such as cosigning for a prostitute’s home loan, paying a lover’s college tuition or even supporting a mistress’ drug habit.

When coping with that sort of debt, secret credit cards can come into play. “Remember, secrets are the hallmark of an addiction,” she says.

Business owners can be especially adept at carrying out these “dual lives,” since they can siphon money from their companies “without anybody really noticing,” Coambs says.

This can help a sex addict control the situation by hiding expenses from a spouse who’s “particularly vigilant” about household finances, he says.

The man was wealthy enough that he could easily pay off the debt.It’s usually not until after a crisis – such as a financial catastrophe – that a sex addict seeks professional guidance, Giugliano says.But it’s typically not credit card spending that triggers the crisis; rather, it’s the loss of a job, the impending breakup of a marriage or the deterioration of the addict’s health.People find themselves in debt for many reasons, but sex addicts might find their problems directly related to their need for sexual pleasure.Not only can sexual addiction cause emotional and physical damage, but it also can max out credit cards and sink an addict and his or her family into debt.

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