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When I wake, the villainess has me tied to a chair and she has removed my bat pouches from my bat utility belt. She knew exactly what she wanted to take from me..innocence! They square off and each gets the others wrists as they struggle to keep the weapon from being thrust into them, they hold each others wrists in a kind of lock up, their sexy figures struggle to give that final thrust, back and forth till finally up against the wall and little by little the blade comes closer then finally into the soft breast it sinks, then another into the belly.

Ivy makes me smell her plants filled with sensual pheromones and tells me that they will make me become lustful. I rub my breasts and move down my writhing body to the soft mound between my legs. She writhes as her sexy body slinks to the floor and finally she moves no more.

Ariel puts her underwhelming foe through a metaphorical meat grinder.

Cherie is choked and stretched in a myriad of cruel and unique ways.

So what better contrast than to pair her up with our gymnast blonde Alyx Lynx.

These are two amazing bodies and when they come together to see who can win the orgasm contest - it's one colossal sex romp.

Sex and beautiful young wet bodies, what could be better ?!?!?!

so sexy watching these voluptuous bodies strain then writhe and arch - sexiest of Amazon fights!!!

tags:catfight,cat fight,lesbian domination,lezdom,female wrestling, Scissors,humiliation,submission,forced orgasm,female fighting,sex wrestling,facesitting Info : Size : 433.35 Mi B Duration : Resolution : h264, yuv420p, 854x480, 29.97 fps(r) (und) Format : MP4 Download - Lezdom_D124602.part1Download - Lezdom_D124602.part2Ultra Vi0let's Luck: Bad Or G00d??

Whisper's Sexual Humiliation Part 1 The Super heroine known as Whisper (Mandy Taylor) just got some intell that a new super villain was hiding close by having just committed a robbery.

The villain (Aiyana Cassidy) was unknown to the League.

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