Form html updating xml

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For more information about j Query, see "j Query Home Page" in the "Further Reading" section of this chapter.

For more information about browser support for j Query, see "j Query Browser Compatibility" in the "Further Reading" section of this chapter.

Once the elements have been selected, the code can modify them, remove them, or insert new elements within them.

Modifying these elements could be as simple as adding or removing a CSS style, or changing the contents of the element.

For example, you might be tempted to use a CSS class to associate semantic or structural meaning to an HTML element.HTML also has an additional responsibility that might not be immediately obvious.It is frequently used to transport the data that the client requires from the server.As with any development language, it is possible to use these languages in a way that makes the application harder to maintain and extend.This can be avoided by taking advantage of the strengths of each language, and by keeping their responsibilities clear and distinct.

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