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There is no single foreign man that I know who leaves this country without having made at least one sexual experience with a Filipina.And most of the time that would be a Filipina bar girl.Filipina bar girls know that most westerners don’t like the idea of paying for sex so what they sometimes do is ask you for helping out with their little “problems”.Like their mother is sick and can’t pay the hospital bill, her dad needs to repair the motorcycle or she really needs some new clothes, handbags or cell phones.Filipina bar girls really know how to entertain you and that’s because their English is really good.

The unspoken rule is that as soon as you buy her a lady drink you may touch her.

Yes, you might even meet a bar girl who doesn’t ask for any money the next morning.

Then she might just hope that you really like her and become her boyfriend and support her that way.

The next surprise comes when you look at the menu and notice that all local beers (San Miguel Pale Pilsener, Sin Mig Light & Red Horse) are only 70 Pesos a bottle but instead order a glass of draft beer (also San Miguel) which is the same price.

Just while you watch that skinny 19 year old or so local girl process your order you feel how someone puts her hand on your shoulder. (notice the slight difference in words compared to Thailand where they ask “Where you from? ”) What is also different to the land of smiles: Upon serving your drink you need to sign the “invoice”, basically just a small paper stating the name of your drink along with the price.

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