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He slowed his thrusts until we were simply grinding our hips into each other, while we both regained our breath.

Then he lifted his body off mine and he loosened the dress down off my arms even more, until the dress only covered my fists.

Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed, where I believed he was a combination kneeling and standing off the edge.

Sometimes you just want to be alone in your room masturbating and looking hot. Kaylee has (lucky for us) turned into a true exhibitionist.

We both moaned, he being so big inside me, and my being so tight around him.

We naturally evolved into the missionary position, he was laying between my legs, pumping his huge cock in and out of me. Let me see you as you cum." He pulled the mask off without any decorum and as my eyes adjusted, he asked, "Can I cum inside you? I felt his warm cum spraying inside me, completely filling me as the walls of my pussy convulsed around him.

Let me breed you like a good little whore you are." I grabbed his forearms and wrapped my legs around his ass, "Yes please! He rested on top of me, his weight pressing me down.

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