Dutch girls dating

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Until I won’t see with my eyes, I will consider that a urban legend 🙂 Guess what? Dutch women are good if you really need a two person income household, other than that they are a waste of time. Tree trunk legs with no definition and the ones who keep “fit” splay their legs outwards whilst trying to jog.

Always sporting dressed in orange though…representing…in their own land.

See, when I point these things out as a woman some foreigners think I’m jealous of the awful Dutch women. The number of people I’ve met who dislike them is waaaaay higher than the number who find them tolerable – and that includes other Dutch women and numberless Dutch men! As a woman I experience what you’re saying every single time I go to a Dutch bar: “deeply unfriendly to foreign women, particularly if you are from a country they wish they were from and try to emulate in their attitude.” Dutch women are extremely jealous of other women, to the point that they often become physically aggressive with me and my female friends.

I am not really sure if this topic is about woman from Amsterdam or dutch women in general? But they are great in bed, love to try anything, especially if risky.

The same long hair and basic look, tall until they reach their twenties when they grow outwards and cut their hair.

Keeping on their cowboy boots and cheap looking clothes.

As a female traveller who has graced a couple of continents with itchy feet, I dare say that dutch guys are..super cool!

Though you have to careful, because like their male counterparts, Dutch women just as easily bond with a man without ever becoming his lover.Loud, crass, acting entitled, completely overbearing and often with no manners.Most never bother to cover their mouths when they cough, sneeze or yawn.The same contrived nonchalance as most of the men, wanting to be “seen” doing things and making something out of nothing, like being oh so cool whilst sitting in lame bars facing tram stops.A strong sense of schadenfreude, deeply unfriendly to foreign women, particularly if you are from a country they wish they were from and try to emulate in their attitude.

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