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Once inside the complex I collected the tickets and went to queue for some popcorn.Mike as usual headed for the arcade games, leaving me to wonder how on earth our relationship had lasted this long.Now call me a big kid if you want but I love Harry Potter. And there is no better place to watch these films than on the big screen. Having dragged his miserable arse to the previous six films I was having great difficulty in getting him to the seventh."Why can't you get one of your friends to go with you? "I don't even like the films, stupid sci-fi crap." He added, childishly."The genre is fantasy actually," I quickly corrected him, "something you would know very little about." I said, nastily referring to his lack of adventure in the bedroom."Very funny." He muttered.Anyway, after hours of arguing he finally agreed, but on the condition that we go to the late showing to avoid the inevitable hoards of screaming children.I have no idea what I was thinking or expecting to happen, but the fact this guy came onto me and then followed me into the cinema, whilst with my boyfriend, had my panties soaked and my nipples hard as bullets.True to form Mike was fast asleep within fifteen minutes.I ordered my usual medium sweet popcorn with a medium sprite and then turned to my purse for some money."They look tasty and well stacked." My grey-haired admirer said.

Both embarrassed and flattered I was quickly relieved that it was my turn to be served.He then beamed at me again, and continued feasting his lustful eyes on my breasts."Like I said, tasty and well stacked."Now, normally if a guy, say my own age, commented on my body in that way I'd tell him to piss off.I couldn't help but feel myself becoming wetter at the thought of being the one in the middle of what they were saying.Continuing with their filthy words they quietly slid across the chairs until they were sat directly behind me.

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