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It is widely used in South Africa and neighbouring Namibia, largely by the white and mixed race populations.English takes both apartheid and aardvark from Afrikaans.Uyghur is spoken by around 10m people, largely in the Xinjiang region of China, as well as Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.First recorded in the fifth century BC, it is an unusual mix of Arabic, Persian, Russian and Chinese.

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Afrikaans, spoken by 6.86m native speakers in South Africa, is a Germanic language imported by Dutch colonialists to Africa in the 17th century.Isizulu, or the Zulu language, is spoken by around 10m people, mostly in South Africa and other sub-Saharan countries.Before the arrival of European missionaries in the 19th century, it had never been formally written down.Zulu has given us such words as impala and mamba to describe an antelope and a snake respectively.A German-Jewish language, Yiddish is spoken by 1.8m people across the world, principally in the countries settled by Jews after the 19th century pogroms and the Nazi holocaust.

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