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has a dedicated affiliate team to help affiliates maximize their marketing of and thus their earning potential. Linkshare is a solution provider that tracks, distributes, and hosts the Affiliate Marketing Program.All affiliates join our program through Linkshare, and use the Linkshare software to download links and reports.World Dating Partners is a global private label dating platform available in multiple languages.World Dating Partners was the first platform to develop the opportunity for its’ partners to operate in niches and multiple languages worldwide.The table below is for illustrative purposes only – please note that subscription prices may change over time, so the payout amount would change accordingly.All affiliate commissions, including top performer bonus commissions, are calculated based on the net amount of subscriptions earned, less charge backs, refunds, resignations and other transactions that occur during the calendar month.The platform was launched early in 2005 and is one of the top private label brands in the market today.

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affiliates are paid a commission on new subscriptions acquired from their website.Not only can you earn a commission on qualifying memberships purchased, but we will also pay you PER MINUTE for all women that you refer to the line! Unauthorized copying or duplication in any form strictly prohibited without prior written consent.Caerus AG, the owner of Dating Factory has acquired Datech Ltd., better known for its private label platform World Dating Partners.We supply you with local numbers that provide quick access to our national Chatline and we take it from there.With that level of ease, conversion rates are high!

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