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and even then, exclusivity is not a given - it's something you agree upon, or're gonna have to email and meet a lot of women before you find someone with potential, unless you get very lucky.

the one-at-a-time approach is very slow road.bottom line: you're not a heel for dating more than one woman, much less talking with a few.

So, it might be best to go on a couple of dates with different women, as long as you both understand that you're just meeting to get to know each other and see if there is a connection.

My problem right now is that all of a sudden everyone is writing me back, and I received numerous e-mails from 8 different women in the past few days.

First off: I wish you luck in your quest, you sound extremely sweet and earnest. I can guarantee you that those eight women who contacted you probably have seven dates lined up with seven other dudes each and downright expect you to be dating a variety of people (at this point, anyway.)No harm, no foul.

You're not a player for going on a few casual dates.

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I think you are very noble not wanting to be a player, but coffee and saying hi is not a player.I haven't asked any of them out, but they are all really nice, and I think they like me well enough that they would like to meet me. I'm not the type of person to just stop talking to them, but I don't feel right meeting 8 different women either, as that just makes me feel like a player.You are my opinion unless you are sleeping with these women or telling them you love them, you are not being a player.I asked one of them out, but a family emergency has postponed our date.It was right after that, that I started getting emails from others.

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