Dating things to talk about

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She runs the website where she makes the art of seduction look easy peasy.If you haven’t already, head over there and check it out.Try to ensure that the last hour of the date is spent on uplifting or amusing subjects rather than heavy things so you part feeling good and wanting to do it again.Sometimes (okay, most of the time), though, first dates aren't smooth sailing.In many ways the second date is the first real date because you’ve seen each other in the flesh, neither of you ran for the nearest exit, and there was enough of a spark between you to want to repeat the experience.This is the date where you can let go of the nagging questions of initial chemistry and start to get to know this stranger in front of you.

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If you find yourself stuck one message in, and you want some advice on how to spark up an interesting conversation that will tell you whether this person is worth getting offline for, read on.It’s all too easy to get bogged down talking about the past, sharing childhood stories, relationship history and the back catalogue of your lives.This will give you plenty to talk about but may not leave either of you feeling as though you had a fantastic date.Today, I’m delighted to say that our blog has been hijacked by the very cool dating expert, Claudia Cox.She is the author of ‘French Seduction Made Easy‘ and is passionate about sharing her expertise on communicating well in relationships especially via flirty texting.

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