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“These needs can include agreeing on anything from on how often the couple communicates to how frequently they take time to see each other in person. Going long distance with no end in sight can be trickier.” 2.Relationship problems Every relationship has its own share of problems.This inevitably points toward a rapidly growing downward spiral that may result in a fallout.Physical intimacy is an important element of relationships.Couples in a long distance relationship face a In a long distance relationship, partners come to love and hate technology at the same time.While it helps them bring closer, it also creates a rift between them.

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(iv) Absence of tangible support Another stumbling block for partners in a long distance relationship is the conspicuous ‘presence’ of the ‘absence of another.’ No matter the evolution of technology, there still seems to be a tangible aspect of ‘presence’ missing from long distance relationships owing to a lack of support in good times and bad – coz there are times when a promotion or a loss of a loved one just cannot be celebrated or grieved for over a phone call.The relationship problems that are seen to evolve in such a dynamic are: (i) Possibility of growing apart Spending majority of their time apart inevitably causes long distance partners to lead lives that are distinctly separate and not necessarily similar in quality to one another. It is important that the couple retain their individual identities whilst also feeling exhorted to invest time, energy, and emotions into their commitment to each other.A fine balance between growing together as well as individually has to be struck, so as to avert the possibility of growing apart.An A-frame equation is one in which one partner is too dependent upon the other.An H-frame is a relationship of total independence in which very little couple identity develops.

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