Dating fender concert amp

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In 1962, Fender again changed the grille from the maroon color to a wheat-colored cloth.Electrically, there were two different versions of the Concert produced between 19.

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Looking at the schematic of this amp, it appears the greatest change to the vibrato circuitry is in the oscillator area of the circuit.These were then fed to the modulation part of the circuit, which would modulate the audio signal.The audio signal was split in order to feed two different amplifiers in the modulation circuit, but because the signal was split through different RC (resistor/ capacitor) networks, there was a slightly different signal being fed to each of the two amplifiers.Its only effect was vibrato, as reverb had not yet found its way into the Fender amp line.I really don’t have too much information about the 1959 version of the Concert, except for the fact that it was produced using the 5G12 schematic, which seems to be a pretty elusive item.

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