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The top of the line was the 777 with a refined target rear sight and wood grips however it has been discontinued.There was also the 722 a 22cal version of the 717 that was also discontinued.The pump handle reaches out to within four inches of the muzzle, supposedly giving more leverage for cocking.I can’t feel a difference, but I’m an adult and my guns are all well broken-in by now.

In 1915, Daisy perfected the sheetmetal fold, and they dropped the labor-intensive solder patch.However, the length of the lever throw helps to date the gun. John Steed actually discovered this feature, to the best of my knowledge.The earliest guns did not have a reinforcing rib on the pump linkage, but in 1915 it was added.The Daisy 717 is actually the entry level of Daisy's 7x7 line.Daisy's 747 is the next step-up with some upgrades such as an adjustable trigger and the Lothar Walther barrel.

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