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(Hin.)Plural mes; used in the plural, and defined as the “fundamental, unalterable, comprehensive assortment of powers and duties, norms and standards, rules and regulations, relating to the cosmos and its components, to gods and humans, to cities and countries, and to the varied components of civilized life.” (Samuel Kramer) Also Mitra; Vedic god of the sun; brother of Varuna; the guardian of the cosmic order; god of friendships and contracts; watches over the daytime hours; good-natured and a mediator between the gods and man; son of Diti and one of the Adityas; later the god Mithra of Old Iran — where he is mentioned as the son of Ahura Mazda — and of Rome. Some translators refer to this as Purgatory, but that is not any better as a translation, because in the Christian world purgatory is a place of transition between earthly life and eternal life in heaven, not between two temporal earthly lives.(Budh.)Goddess of destruction and death; lives in the south — regarded as the land of the dead; her husband and masculine aspect is Nirrta; in later Hinduism, Nirrti becomes a male Dikpala god of terrifying aspect.(Chin.)The five sacred hymns of Zarathushtra (Yasna chapters 28-34, 43-51, 53), part of the Avesta; the five supplementary days at the end of the Zoroastrian religious calendar and the frehzists presiding over them.(Zor.)Son of Isis and Osiris; usually in the form of a falcon.(Budh.)A hell probably associated by its name with the goddess of destruction, trickery and chaos, and also the goddess of the berserk, obsessed and crazed — the cause of all random acts of violence, destruction or chaos.(Hin.)A deadly poison; the recipe is given in the well-known Chinese work Instructions to Coroners: “Take a quantity of insects of all kinds and throw them into a vessel of any kind, cover them up, and let a year pass away before you look at them again.(Grk.)Also Fengdu, Feng-tu and Fengdu Xian, a city in Sichuan, near the mountain believed to be the entrance to the otherworld.A necropolis built here, reportedly over 1800 years ago, is modeled on the Chinese hell.

With Nyx, he fathered personified deities such as Hemera, Hypnos, and Thanatos.They were killed by Apollo and bound to columns in the underworld by snakes, with the nymph of the Styx in the form of an owl over them.(Grk.)Also Avici, and Avichi; the eighth hot hell; the general meaning of which is “waveless,” having no waves or movement, suggesting the stagnation of life and being in immobility; it also means “without happiness” or “without repose.” (Budh.)Also Brâhman; a devout man, one who prays, a worshipper; a priest; a chief priest who knows the Vedas; the supreme universal soul, the chief god of the Indian pantheon.The insects will have killed and eaten each other, until there is only one survivors and this one is Ku.” [Herbert A.Giles] (Chin.)Minor Vedic storm deities; the sons of Rudra and the attendants of Indra; aggressive and violent; the drivers of the clouds, the bringers of wind, the fellers of trees and the crushers of mountains; sons of Diti. However, the ages spent there might almost be considered an eternity, except that in Buddhism, the dead are reborn.

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