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STORY: New ' Bridget Jones' Book Gets Release Date THR: How does this book differ from Steve Harvey’s successful ? I have a different life than Steve Harvey, Tyrese had a different life than Steve Harvey.

Everyone has their ideas of what they’ve gone through in relationships.

And the best part is you'll be so confident in yourself that you'll never give a second thought to revealing these tips to the competition.

You can't ask for much more from a book than that — well you could, but that would be greedy!

They’re giving away all the secrets; they’re giving away stuff I haven’t even gotten into on any level!

” STORY: Judy Greer Scores Big Advance for First Book (Exclusive) THR: What is one big mistake women often make in a relationship’s earliest stage? It’s simple: ladies, I love you to death, but shut up.

Tyrese Gibson: We’re not trying to purposely get under people’s skin and piss them off, we’re just trying [to be] as honest as we possibly can and, more than anything, for the ladies, we’re trying to give them the heads up about what’s around the corner before they get there.

After reading this book, you will know so much about thinking and dating like a man that you'll become the dating guru to every single woman who knows you.

” They each draw from their own relationship experiences and separate book successes: Simmons released an affirmations anthology 's chats with Simmons and Gibson on their relationship mistakes, harsh advice for women, and inevitable comparisons to Steve Harvey’s own straight-talk dating book: The Hollywood Reporter: With such different dating backgrounds and beliefs, how did you two approach this book project?

Joseph Simmons: I wasn’t looking for him to totally agree with me.

My views were coming from a Biblical standpoint, a settled man, and he’s coming from the way he thinks a woman should treat him [and] the difficulties of understanding being completely faithful.

I knew his point was gonna matter a lot to women, and I knew my point was going to matter, so there was never an upset like, “You shouldn’t be thinking that.” It never came to that point.

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