Computer keeps updating shutdown

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So it may be updating and when it's done, it may just shut down after that.Sometimes Windows automatically downloads updates and then restarts your computer, even if you don't want it to at that moment. Change the dropdown from Automatic (recommended) to "Notify to schedule restart" Windows will now tell you when an automatic update requires a restart and ask you when you want to schedule the restart.Leo says It could be a mechanical failure like a shorted on/off button that keeps turning itself back on.If that were the case, however, hibernate wouldn't work properly and Lisa says it does.

If you find that the fan in the power supply is not working correctly or at all, and the power supply is very hot to the touch, you may need to replace the power supply.

It's possible that in the BIOS settings, "wake on LAN" is enabled.

She should reboot her computer and press the 'f8' or 'esc' key and look in the BIOS settings for "wake on LAN." If it's enabled, disable it.

It came back once, after I changed some devices (VGA card and DVD) but the same job solved it again. WORK AROUND One solution that I have found to work is to HOLD DOWN the on-off switch for 3 or 4 seconds until PC switched off. You will have to exercise caution with this though, Dont kill the pc while its running the operating system.

Best thingto do is shut it down and then when it goes to black screen, hold the on-off button down.

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